Massage by Kaye

Biography about Kaye and Jesse

Kaye's journey into the massage world began as a dream at 13 years old to own her own business to become a Massage Therapist. As life often happens, Kaye focused her herself on other opportunities that arose along the way, but never forgot her goal. In 2009 Kaye decided not to wait any longer and enrolled at Santa Barbara Business College in Santa Maria. Completing her in depth training that spanned over 10 months; Kaye graduated Santa Barbara Business College and began working to build her clientele. 

A chance encounter lead Kaye to meet Jesse and right away she recognized the talent he possessed for massage therapy and encouraged him to go to massage school. In 2011 Kaye decided to relocate from Santa Maria back to Santa Barbara, Jesse moved from Ventura and they began to build their lives and business together. Completing his training at Santa Barbara Body Works, Kaye and Jesse began searching for the perfect location for a small, yet ample Massage Business. In early 2012, they opened Upscale Massage which is located on the Mesa inside with Lotus Skin Care and Well Being. 

Jesse and Kaye are both dedicated to providing you with the quality, care, and professionalism you deserve. As Licensed Massage Therapist's, their combined training and experience enables them to practice a variety of Massage Modalities which include Swedish, Polarity, and Reflexology techniques in order to create a truly unique and relaxing experience for you. Their services also include Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue and Shiatsu Acupoints that maybe combined with any massage, allowing you to leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed

Not just focused on Business, Kaye and Jesse dedicate much of their time and energy to the non-profit world. Kaye's passion for her community and Philanthropy has lead her to serve various boards including the Katherine Harvey Fellows, which is based out of the Santa Barbara Foundation, the Food Bank, YMCA. They can often be found volunteering at many different events or non-profits which  include the United Way Day of Caring, Good Samaritan Shelter, The Unity Shoppe and many more. 


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