Massage by Kaye

 Recent Reviews

"My husband and I have been to Kaye and Jesse twice for a couples massage and I would highly recommend them both. " Molly. M

"Purchased a massage from Groupon and made an appointment with Jesse based on a previous Yelp reviewer who mentioned that he can apply heavy pressure. I was not disappointed!" M.B.

"My best friend and I went to Upscale Massage yesterday and had 90-minute massages.  They were absolutely fantastic!  Kaye and Jesse were very professional, knowledgeable, and very accommodating." Deanna J.

"So I am a little bit of a spa snob!! I am all about the ambiance and the overall experience! I give Kaye 5 stars!! Not only was the massage incredible  but the ambiance was very clean, modern, and relaxing!" Shannon G.

"I moved to Santa Barbara from the East Coast and found Upscale Massage through a Groupon. Jesse is fantastic. I have lower back issues from a surgery about 20 years ago and explained this to Jesse. He knew exactly what to do by working on my hip flexors, which loosened the pressure on the lower back. " Mary C.

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